Effective Web Design Techniques to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

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For any business these days, making sure that your website design is just right is vital. In the early days of the Internet, websites were still a novelty to the average consumer so sites didn’t have to be perfectly designed or even of a particularly high quality in order to keep visitors on there. However, these days consumers have become far more discerning with regards to websites as well as far more savvy. If a website doesn’t appeal to them most will not hesitate to simply close it and move on, which could mean the loss of a potential customer.

Fortunately, there are certain effective web design techniques that you can put into place in order to reduce your bounce rate. Remember, you should not be designing your website for yourself but for your potential audience and customers, which means putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about what they would want from your site rather than what you want.

Tips to make your website more appealing

By making your website more appealing to your visitors, you stand a far better chance of keeping them on the site and eventually turning them into customers rather than visitors. Some tips that can help to ensure your website appeals to your visitors, thus reducing the bounce rate, include:

l Clear design: One thing that many people hate to see is a site that is cluttered. Many people make the mistake of trying to cram everything onto the first page but this will immediately put people off. Make sure you put key information on the main page with links to other pages or areas of the site.

l Combine simple information with quality images: One way to catch the eye of consumers rather than distracting them with lots of content that they quickly get bored of is to combine simple information with quality images. For instance, Black Diamond has basic information on the main page of its website but this is coupled with high quality, vibrant images to entice visitors and encourage them to click through the site.

l Make sure the content is high quality: If you fill your site with irrelevant, uninspiring, or badly written content, it will simply come across as very unprofessional. These are things that can put people off right away and they will click away from your site in seconds because poor quality content doesn’t instil confidence in potential customers. Make sure you have your content professionally written if you cannot write to a high enough standard yourself, as this can make all the difference.

l Simple navigation: The last thing people want when going onto any site is to end up feeling frustrated and annoyed because of navigation problems. Make sure that your site is easy for visitors to get around and that all links are clearly displayed.

By making sure that you bear these techniques and methods in mind when your website is being designed, you can help to reduce your bounce rate dramatically. It is always a good idea to go through a professional web design company to get your site created or your current one improved, as this can make a big difference to your bounce rate.