Top Free PC Games

There are lots of addictive and well loved free PC games today. Others call it as video games, computer games and lot more terms to describe this modern way of enjoying electronic game. It also comes in various types and forms. If adventure PC games excite you then wide array of its kind will surely support your wants. Also if you need Top Free PC Games that will help you boost your brain neurons then mind and board games can absolutely keep you busy. If strategic and First Person Shooter games complete your busy day then ample of choices is readily available for you to improve your target shooting skills and reflexes instantly. To give you more reference and easy access to Top Free PC Games, top choices are labelled below it’s up to you which one would you try first.

  1. 1.       World of War Craft

This free PC game has billions of download globally. It is adventure role playing game uses an avatar to act as player of your choice. It is also highly interactive game which allows players to configure settings, weaponry even landscapes. This game has attractive characters, beautiful and mystical scene and long and stimulating quest.

  1. 2.       Feeding Frenzy

Is an aquatic PC game that is enjoyed and highly appreciated by players of all ages? It is a quest of the character fish to complete and catch the number of fishes, starfishes and pearls to increase its size and continue to the next stage. It has lively and vibrant underwater scene that surely enhance the mood of the players. Also, it needs lots of flexibility and strategy to avoid big predators and to successfully finish the game. It can also be played in various options such as normal settings or with time variables to add more fun.

  1. 3.       Angry Birds

This phenomenal PC game is about the fun adventure of a bird with the aid of a slingshot to defeat all pigs which are positioned in various places. It also allows additional character birds and powers such eggs and bombs as quest progresses and became more complex.

  1. 4.       Mario Bros.

This ultimate adventure game is one the most followed game of all time whether it started as an arcade game. Due to its consistent approach and highly entertaining qualities this Top Free PC Games is never outdated, different versions and genres and billions of downloads are firm proofs to support the claim. This game is about the adventure of Mario, Luigi, Princess and toad with the use of different powers to defeat Koopa the evil dragon.

  1. 5.       Counter Strike

No doubt this FPS strategic game is one of the most played and downloaded Top Free PC Games today. It is initially produced and distributed for Microsoft Windows but due to unlimited numbers of users and positive response of all types of players it is now popularized in many versions and became compatible to other OS too such as Linux and Mac. This strategic game has lots of realistic approach and features that will surely add more enthusiasm to the player in winning the goal.